Hypnotherapy - "Expand your Vision of Who You Can Be"

I have found the hypnotherapy provided by Jill Masters to be very effective.  Her approach is caring, straightforward and transparent, so that hypnotherapy is seen as a natural process that taps into and develops capabilities that her clients already have in latent form.  This worked very well for me.
Jill makes her role very clear – to help her clients understand the situations where hypnotherapy can help, to introduce to them the techniques and experiences that are needed to make a sound start, and then to guide and coach them to learn the skills of self-hypnosis that they can then apply whenever they wish and for as long as they wish. I now possess the techniques of self-hypnosis, and apply them according to the guidelines provided by Jill.
Kind regards

I’m a 37 year old company director having smoked for 22 years and tried unsuccessfully to give up on, from memory, about six times.  I found Jill Masters' programme very easy and have had no problems to date not smoking, having been around friends and family that smoke in a social environment where alcohol is being consumed, normally the biggest test for me as both went hand in hand.  I’m grateful for this and would recommend it to anybody. Money well spent.
Regards Simon
"The experience of being hypnotised started with a relaxation procedure. As I went into a stage of deeper relaxation, my 'rational mind' slowly let go, thoughts about the external environment receded into the background and I experienced a blissful state of stillness - the nothingness that only comes with profound internal peace. This feeling followed me for a long time - I know that I can bring it back with more practice. Just great!"
What I love about coming to see Jill is that she takes everything I say into consideration and helps me break it down into what's actually relevant. My sessions with her have helped ease the tension and anger I was feeling inside dramatically! Now if I get upset, I know that's it's okay. I'm allowed to have that feeling and I'm allowed to be happy as well. I think the biggest thing that has really helped me is I don't feel like I have to control everything anymore. Once upon a time that would have driven me crazy, but now I'm completely at ease with it.
So thank you Jill!
Hypnosis was a great experience for me; I had been having panic attacks for a few months, mainly at night, and it was really starting to affect my ability to sleep and my wellbeing.  After the first session with Jill, when I felt panic rising I was able to take control of it quickly by using techniques she gave me, and after the second session, I no longer have panic attacks. Any unease I feel I can quickly quell and basically take no notice of it. I recommend hypnosis to anyone, if I went to a doctor they probably would have given me medications for anxiety or sleep, and that doesn't help anyone at the end of the day.
After having several sessions of hypnotherapy with Jill Masters for general relaxation and well-being, I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough.  Jill has the empathy and understanding to fit the treatment to suit the individual and situation.  Whether it is for a specific goal or simply to tune in to feeling great, I am sure you will be thrilled with the results.
"I had hypnotherapy with Jill for two different purposes. 
One - I wanted to stay focussed, motivated and well during training and completion of a half marathon.  I had never physically challenged myself to this extent before and I had the potential to be scared of it. 
 Two - to assist me in implementing my healthy weight and healthy lifestyle management plan. 
I found the hypnosis to be very effective.  Using the suggestions that Jill and I created together was easy and effective.  They were in my mind to draw on at random times as well as at times when I could have chosen fear instead, but did not.  Since then I have successfully completed the half marathon and also reached and maintained an ideal weight and a healthy and happy lifestyle without difficulty"
I have been attempting to lose weight throughout my entire life, with short-term successes but eventually always returning to unhealthy eating habits and disappointments.
Being a “non-spiritual” person, I never considered consulting a hypnotherapist or acknowledging that my struggle with my weight was more than just a physical issue.  The sessions I had with you changed my entire perspective. An astonishing thing had happened – since the first session I actually have not craved anything sweet, have eaten nothing in the evening after dinner, and have actually been eating less throughout the day.  Food is becoming less important in my life, while the self-hypnosis sessions (which I try to do twice a day) are much more enjoyable and exhilarating than chocolate.  I feel more relaxed, more confident in myself, and definitely in control of my habits.
The actual hypnotherapy sessions were amazing. I don’t understand how it works, and have never been in a similar situation. It was relaxing and enjoyable. A great experience.
Thanks heaps!
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