Hypnotherapy - "Expand your Vision of Who You Can Be"


I now work via Skype.

Bookings are available:
Tuesday to Thursday
9.30am to 4pm 
(appointments outside these hours may be possible)

How to contact me:
027  6941768 
(text or voice message best)


I offer a free 15 minute pre-booking consultation, to enable us to get acquainted, and to allow me to learn more regarding what situation or issue you need help with.

Bank deposits : 
$80 per session 
(if paid prior to or same day)

$85 per session 
(paid within 3 days)

The first appointment is often up to an hour and a half.
Subsequent sessions are usually 45 minutes to an hour.

The number varies from case to case, however, it is usual for me to see clients 3 to 4 times, during which I teach a 3-step self-hypnosis course to help ensure ongoing success after the therapy is complete. 

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