Hypnotherapy - "Expand your Vision of Who You Can Be"
Jill Masters 
Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, 2008
Hypnosis Training College of NZ.


My interest in the mind and it's potential power began in the classroom at the age of seven, when a teacher asked us to consider the idea that we only utilise a very small percentage of our brain, speculating that if we used even an extra 5 percent, we could achieve more than we had ever dreamt possible.
Much research has since been carried on this topic but even at that tender age I was left wondering exactly what that extra brain power would alter about our actual day to day experience.  
Becoming a clinical hypnotherapist has offered some satisfying answers.   It is with great pleasure that I see client's lives transformed once they become aware of their own ability to choose the thoughts that make them feel better, leading to a greater enjoyment of all aspects of life.
"Everything people experience in their outer life corresponds exactly to something that is going on in their inner life."  ~Brian Tracy
"Make your life a mission, not an intermission." ~Glasgow
~ Abraham-Hicks
~ Buddha
"A problem cannot be solved on the same level that it was created."  ~Albert Einstein
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